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Wedding Series: Stress-free Entourage Outfits Organization

It's been a while! I have been struggling to find time to continue the wedding series, finally I get to sit down and start on it again. It has been one year since we got married, and there are so much I would love to share that might be able to help out upcoming brides. Let me start on the outfits of our entourage, and how we managed to make this part of our wedding planning stress-free and fun.

Our Entourage

The usual wedding practice when it comes to the entourage outfits was the entourage members pay for their own. The bride and groom usually are the ones who coordinate the making or ordering of these outfits. When it comes to the guys, it's a lot easier since the couple does not usually have to worry about it as the guys simply need to get their own suits or barongs - the look is pretty standard. Unless there is a specific outfit that the couple would want to have custom-made for them to wear. On the other hand, ladies's outfits are more meticulous because these are, more often than not, custom-made to match the motif or theme of the wedding. This part right here of the wedding planning could be tedious.

One advice I've got from a friend who got married before me was: Just buy the damn outfits!
The entourage outfit organization was one of the most stressful phases of their wedding planning as she was telling me. I am sure it is for most. She told me to spare myself the stress and hassle, and just make things easy and simple for everyone. I have been an entourage member before and I know the effort that the couple go through for this. They had to align all schedules for the visit to the couture or tailor. There's the measurement, fitting, second fitting, if any of the outfits still do not come out right after so many alters, it's a problem you would really despise. Another common stressful scenario is the dress maker is only able to finish the outfits last minute - what a horror! Or worst, could not deliver on time all.

So what we did was pretty simple: For adults, we bought RTWs for the ladies, and had the gents provide their own black suits and we just provided the ties; For the flower girls, we have provided the fabric and design for the parents to have the dresses made, while for the boys we've just provided the outfit guide for them to follow.

Here's a more detailed look:

Ladies: Maid of Honor, Bridesmaids, Secondary Sponsors

Since our pantone was Teal and Red, I've wanted the ladies to wear a teal dress, and accessorize with red accents - brooch, flower bouquet, shoes (though I did not really require the red shoes). I have opted for the infinity dress since it's very practical: it's affordable, free-size, and with just one dress they can do different styles. I could not see why it would not be every bride's dream entourage dress. I just love it. I just got these dresses for P850 each - how could a bridesmaid complain?

My maid of honor, bridesmaids and secondary sponsors - all wearing the exact same dress. Can you believe it?
Don't they all look so lovely?

Just search the net for the different styles you can make with the dress, there are tutorials as well that they can follow. Give them the dresses early so that they would have enough time to practice on the style that they have chosen, or work on the dress if it needs any alteration, etc. I have sent them different styles to choose from to ensure that no one will be wearing the same style. This way each is unique - though they're just wearing the same exact dress. Magical right?

I also wore a white one during my hotel preps shoot. I loved it.

I got the dresses from Roslim Enterprise. You can read more about it here.

Only my maid of honor, whom was my sister (3rd from the left) was not wearing an infinity dress. She had her strapless dress custom-made. This is to slightly set her apart from the rest since she was my MOH.

I gave the dresses to them in a package like this, which I have called the Entourage Kit. I will tell you more about it on a separate post. Aside from the dress, it has other essential info about the wedding to ensure they are up to date of what will happen and what to expect on the big day. I have personally prepared all the kits. Small things like this, with a sweep of our personal touch, make ordinary things extra special. I hoped they have appreciated it.

Gents: Best Man, Groomsmen, Secondary Sponsors

Now we're down to the gentlemen's outfits. This one was pretty easy. We've just asked them to wear a black suit, and we have provided the tie.  Thank God for men's straightforward outfits! One thing less to worry about.

Usually, the ties match the theme or motif for the wedding, but my husband specifically wanted the ties to just be plain black. Slim, black tie. And true enough, the look was solid. I have always trusted my husband's fashion advice since then. :D

We got the ties for a winner bargain. See here.

I have also prepared Entourage Kits for the gentlemen which includes the same info as the ones we have provided the ladies sans the hanky, and their ties. 

Our dashing male entourage

Girls: Flower Girls
Boys: Little Groomsmen and Bible, Ring & Coin Bearers

We have provided the fabric and design for the flower girls dresses, and their parents were the ones who had it made. The dress was a simple A-line style, it has a lining of satin and an overlay of organza. We also bought red satin for the belt. The final touch was an over-sized teal rose brooch that was pinned onto the red belt - you can read about where to find it here.

As always, the boys are easier to deal with. We just gave them an outfit to follow which they can easily buy off the rack - white long-sleeved polo, black dress pants, black bow tie, black suspenders. Again, my husband did not want any other color for the ties than black. They looked cute and classy at the same time!

I have made and printed cards as a guide for the parents of our kids entourage.

My cousin Chloe, our Flower Girl

My nephew Calen, our Ring Bearer

That's it for the entourage outfits! I hope I have shared helpful information, ideas and tips that can be useful for your wedding planning. Good luck and have fun! ♥

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