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Wedding Preps Series: Marriage License Application in Manila

I know we all hate this part right here.... (cue: I Hate This Part by Pussycat Dolls) 
But we do not have a choice, do we? If you are getting married, you must get a marriage license. So my post is here to help. We've already secured our license a month ago. Since I am from Manila we applied it in Manila City Hall.  It isn't as hard as we think, relax.

Tips you need to know beforehand: 
  • The validity of a marriage license is only 4 months upon issue, and obviously this needs to be valid on the date of your wedding. So no matter how eager you are to finish EVERYTHING as early as possible, like me, you just can't. You just have to wait till you can apply it.
  • You can park at SM Manila. The city hall is right across. (If you are applying at Manila City Hall)
  • Do NOT wear shorts, slippers, sando because they will not allow you to take the oath - which means you would have to come back another day. I know that sucks so bad, so do yourself a favor and dress properly.
  • Bring pens, and a clipboard would be helpful in filling out application forms - which can be long.
  • If you have attended the Discovery Weekend and hoping its certificate will suffice as alternative for the city hall seminar (Manila), you're wrong. Though Lala told me it does suffice, still we weren't exempted. So we still had to attend.
  • Better check the seminar schedule because we followed the schedule on the website, but turned out it has been changed so we missed it and had to wait for the next one which is not until after lunch. This will disrupt the schedule you  have planned for the day. Sigh.  While waiting, we took a jeepney ride (which my fiance resents so much) to Ongpin to check out wedding bands, and then had lunch at SM Manila, where I also dropped by at St. Paul's to buy the bible for our wedding - to not waste precious precious time.
  • If you are older than 25 (like us), here's a bonus for you: securing a marriage license will be a little bit easier for you than people younger than you - see, it pays to wait! :)

Okay, here we go, all the important things you need to know.

I copied these info  from the Manila City official website, with a few modifications to make info clearer as I deemed necessary. You may check for yourself to ensure these details are accurate.


(Personal Appearance of the applicant is required)

1. Applicants between 18-21 years Old
 1.1 Birth Certificate-  (Born in Manila)   Latest Certified Local Copy
                                        (Born outside Manila)  NSO Copy
                                    –  Latest Original Copy of Baptismal (If no record of birth )
 1.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
 1.3 Valid ID w/ Address in Manila – Original & Xerox
 1.4 Parental Consent – Parent (Father, Mother or Guardian in the order mention) to come personally with valid ID (Original & Xerox)
 1.5 Marriage Counseling   – Manila Health Dept. & MSWD

*Parental consent provided for under Art.14 of the Family Code of the Philippines
 2. Applicants between 21-25 years old
       2.1 Birth Certificate –  (Born in Manila)  Latest Certified Local Copy
                                            (Born outside Manila)  NSO  Copy
                                        –   Latest Original copy of Baptismal (if no record of Birth)
      2.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
      2.3 Valid ID w/ Address in Manila –Original & Xerox
      2.4 Parental Advice  – Both Parents must come personally w/ valid ID (Original & Xerox)
      2.5 Marriage Counseling – Manila Health Dept. & MSWD
 * Parental Advice – If not obtain or unfavorable, Marriage License shall not be issued till
                          after 3 mos. following the completion of the publication of the application.
                          A sworn statement of the contracting parties must likewise be submitted
                          indicating therein that the parents refuse to give advice.

3. Applicants above 25 yrs. Old
      3.1 Birth Certificate –  (Born in Manila)   Latest Certified Local Copy
                                           (Born outside Manila)    NSO Copy
                                      –   Latest Original Copy of Baptismal (If no record of birth)
      3.2 Latest Certificate of No Marriage (CENOMAR)
      3.3 Valid ID w/ address in Manila (original & xerox)

4. Foreigner or Former Filipino Citizen but is now Naturalized Citizen of other country
      4.1 Legal Capacity to marry to be issued by their Respective Embassy here in the Phil.
      4.2 Passport – Original & Xerox

* If one of the applicants is a former Filipino Citizen and a Divorcee or Foreign National formerly
   married to a Filipino, SUBMIT Judicial Recognition of the absolute decree of divorce obtained
   abroad of his/her previous marriage.

  1. Request for Order of  Payment at the Marriage License counter (inside Civil Registry Room).
  2. Pay at the cashier (Php 150) and present OR at Marriage License counter. Get application forms and fill it out.
  3. Attend Seminar (see schedule below).  Check first the correct seminar schedule before spending time filling out the application forms. You wouldn't want to miss the scheduled seminar.
  4. Release of Marriage License is after 10 days

(Better check this first, as this changes w/o notice - which sucks)
  • For Applicants 18-24 years old - Proceed to Rm. 128- MHD ; Rm. 108- MSW
  • For Applicants 25 & above - Proceed to Rm. 128 -MHD                                                        
  • After the seminar submit all the documents to Ms. Myrna Lopez at the counter for the application for Marriage License.
1st Session: 9:00- 10:30 a.m  (When we went this was moved to 8:00 AM so better check)
2nd Session: 1:00-  2:30 p.m. 

1st Session: 9:00-12:00 a.m.                                            
2nd Session: 2:00-  5:00 p.m.

Come back for your marriage license after 10 days - or whatever release date is written on the receipt.
An authorized representative is also allowed to pick it up, have that person bring a valid government ID, photocopy of your valid ID, authorization letter, and the receipt and other documents attached to it.  My mom did pick up ours since she will have to go to the city hall for other errands as well.

Getting the marriage license is pretty easy to be honest.
Just took us so long because we missed the seminar schedule and had to wait - which is totally not our fault.

Good luck!   

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  1. Paano kung foreigner ang mapapangasawa, need din nya bang umattend ng seminar at kumuha ng marriage license sa pinas?

    Possible kya na pwede family member mgprocess ng marriage license since im working abroad? Thanks

  2. i was there today at manila city hall to apply for a licens to get married. but a certain reverend Susan A. Roldan asaist us and without 2 minutes she initiate a wedding ceremony for less than 1 minute then after that she ask us a 15k i aak her that i will get back our papers and apply to another city hall..she get mad at us, but i insist to get our papers..
    she maybe has a license to initiate a wedding. but she is doing or making it as a busisness.

    1. maybayadbatalagaacivilwedding?

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