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Ask Monique: Wedding Preparations

The first mail that I will feature is from fellow bride-to-be Grace sent to me a couple of months ago. My reply to her can be very informative for most bride-to-be's because she sure did asked a lot of questions! Haha! I love answering mails and helping out soon-to-be brides like myself. Here we go!


Hi Monique,

This is Grace, soon to be bride as well, like you. I came across your blog upon searching HMUA. Thank you for your article about Berny Tia. Will be meeting her soon. :) I found your site interesting. And I think we have the same personality. I just wish I could also have my own site. By the way, did you have coordinators already? I'm waiting for your blog. Hehehe I'm having a hard time looking bec of limited budget. 

Can you share some of your experiences with the coordinators you've just met? I don't know what to ask them, to be honest.
Btw, when is your wedding day? Mine will be on xxx. I have already booked the church, but no venue yet :( and some suppliers, photo/vid, caterer,invitation, but there are still more and more to accomplish. :) :) :)

I hope nakita ko blog mo earlier pa. Haha..
Re beauty preparation, anu ginagawa mo.hahaha  ang lapit na kase..
And how do you involve sa preparation si htb? 
Sa flowers?may supplier kna?
Bridal car?

Hope you could help me. Looking forward to meeting you someday. You inspire me! :) Enjoy and happy preps! 



Hi Grace! 

Thanks so much for your kind words.

Boy, where do I begin.

I have already booked my wedding coordinator, they're Events Simplified. A friend got them for her wedding last year, and she can vouch they did a great job.  If you are looking for a cheaper alternative you can try to check 7ten5 Events Services or VAM Creative Events.  I also have a handful of coordinators that I inquired with and actually met with (just didn't find time to blog about it, but hopefully soon). I chose ES because of the first-hand feedback I got, and their OTD rate is pretty reasonable. They also have more freebies offered compared to other coordinators of the same price range. I also got along with Karmie the first time we met, it's important to have a rapport with your coordinator. She also happens to be a friend of a friend, so it's a plus.  You can ask them about the weddings they have done. The roles that they play during the wedding. About the whole process of what they do as event coordinators.

I have already booked most of our suppliers. So I only have the minor ones to take care of, plus the DIYs that I am planning to accomplish. Regarding my beauty preparation, nothing extraordinary. I am just doing my usual routine. I make sure to moisturize and apply sunscreen daily, I drink plenty of water (I am a big water drinker!), I get regular facials, exfoliate regularly, work out. But days before the wedding day I want to get a nice massage and, of course, facial. We should just be relaxing and worrying about nothing during these days.

Between my fiance and myself, I am the one who really does the planning. I am a professional event coordinator myself, so I can't help it! Also, he is not that into the nitty-gritty.  Though he's more involved when it comes to choosing the dishes for the menu and the photographer. He took a photography course in Imagine Nation, and has a flair with photography, so I trust his eye on this.

Our bridal car and cake will be provided by our caterer, Hizon's. It is included in the package. Less stuff to worry about, so whew, yey. I will not bother meddling with that. Flowers' supplier is Dangwa Florist - you can check my post here.

About our budget, from the beginning I took the challenge of holding on to a certain budget while keeping the quality of the wedding. I want it to be fun and unique. Just be creative. Here's my post proving that an awesome wedding need not be super expensive.

Glad you found my blog helpful. Thanks for reading my blog! Feedback like yours inspires me to continue blogging.  All the best on your wedding preps!


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  1. Great post on wedding preparations! I got to know loads of things from this post and all this will be very helpful for my wedding planning. These days I am quite busy in making the list of the beautiful as well as reasonable Los Angeles venues and would book one among them!

  2. Hi Monique,

    Congrats on your wedding! :)

    I'm a soon to be bride too and your blog helps me to get an idea.
    Please let me know your feedback with Hizon's Catering.

    Thank you.



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