Sunday, August 2, 2015

Affordable and Authentic Korean Barbecue in Makchang Korean Restaurant Ermita

Our family loves Korean food so much. Ye Dang in Ortigas is our usual go-to place whenever we crave for some authentic Korea food.  One Friday after we went to the National Museum, Mom, Dad and myself, we went to Makchang in Ermita, Manila which my sister always recommends.

Makchang grills using traditional charcoal, unlike other Korean barbecue restaurants which use electric or gas grillers. That's why you will get that authentic charcoal-smokey flavor on the meat. So good!

Makchang Korean Restaurant Menu

Order any of the meat  barbecue and you will get unlimited side dishes. It's really sulit.  We just love how Korean food is sooo good sans the guilt! These are the side dishes they serve - all you can!

Tip: Grill the kamote sticks in the beginning since it takes longer time to cook.
It tastes so good, like a healthy version of french fries.

We all know how Korean barbecue works right? You order the meat and the waiter will grill it for you, in front of you.  Waiters in Makchang are friendly and cool. The place can get really packed, with its patrons mostly, lucky us we got here just before dinner time. They also have their own parking space in front, though not that big.

They will also provide Korean side dishes like above that will complement the meat barbecue. Here's how you eat it: wrap the pieces of cooked meat and other side dishes (you can also put a little rice if you want) in a leaf, it's either sesame leaf or lettuce (I prefer lettuce), and eat it like a real Korean. In the photo below is a sesame leaf, which my Mom prefers over lettuce.

That's my Dad, Mom and myself enjoying some freshly grilled Samkyupsal annd Pork Galbi in Makchang after our date at the National Museum. I thank God for family.

Wrap it up and enjoy! ♥

1547 Adriatico St., Ermita, Manila (opposite Robinson's Place Manila)
Tel: 02 394 8612 / 02 521 9540


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