Sunday, November 9, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: Major Suppliers Are In Before Year Ends

Though I'm not feeling well while writing this, I know I'm relieved to have booked (almost) all major wedding suppliers before the year ends. That made us exempted from any possible price increase next year. Most were booked with promos, big plus! Also one of the major advantages was locking the date, it is so important.

Here's our dream team as of today:

Church: Archbishop's Palace
It has everything we wanted for our wedding. We're the very first couple to book a wedding for 2015. Read more about the church here.

Venue: Light of Love Events Place
No promo. But my AE, Steph,  is the best! She's never caused me stress so far. She replies fast and very accommodating with my questions. She's smart and sensible,  less headache big time. And most of all, we've secured our slot! Read more about LOL here.

Caterer: Hizon's Catering
Booked them just today at the GFT in Pergola Events Place. We were planning to book Hizon's next year, but our AE told us it's the last GFT for this year where they'll offer free hotel accommodation to the first five to book, and she's not sure what promo they'll offer next year.  I know it's a marketing tactic, and it worked for me, a marketer from womb to tomb. Well it made sense. We're planning to book them anyway, why delay it if we're sure to get a freebie if we book now? According to our AE, they had a previous promo where the client gets a bridal car upgrade, that we don't need! Again, it worked for me. I know.

However,  what made it quite a nuisance was our AE. She doesn't reply. She doesn't accommodate my questions. She's only accommodating at the beginning of our correspondence.  I tried to switch AE, but I was told by the new AE I was eyeing to replace the current with that they don't allow it. Of course it will result to conflicts between AEs. But if the client isn't happy with the service, she has every right to ask for replacement. Anyway, I'm still stuck with that AE who doesn't reply. I will make sure the event planner to be assigned to me is not a stress source.  Read about our first GFT with Hizon's here.

Hair and Make-Up: Berny Tia
I have no complaints about her. She's very nice, professional and accommodating. Read about my HMUA shortlist and more about Ms. Berny.

Band: Infinite Soul Acoustic
Yan and I saw them performing in a wedding when we first visited LOL. We liked their style and I fell in love with the sax. The first time we attended a wedding fair they were there. I inquired and booked them the following day through bank deposit. Monica still gave me the fair promo - free Ceremony performance plus discount on the Reception performance rate. She's also a delight to deal with. I initially wanted to get a DJ and go clubbing with our friends and family on our wedding party, but when I heard them play, it felt like their music made the reception ambiance more "sosyal". They are also flexible, can play mellow music as well as party music. Plus they will be playing the song I wanted for my bridal march! They know it!

Photo: Imagine Nation Photography
It was in the latter part of my hunt when I learned from a friend who is about to get married this year that the Junior rate of INP is affordable. I know for a fact that INP trains their photogs really well, and one can't go wrong with INP. I was so excited I immediately browsed through the current Junior photog roster of INP and Liz RaƱola caught my eye. I showed Yan her portfolio, alongside with the others', and he loved her photos too. I knew I hit jackpot, after all the research and inquiries. 

I said I'll wait for them to join a fair so I can get freebies offered. I asked Liz I don't want to risk losing my slot for our date so I would like to deposit the booking fee before the fair and still get the 3 freebies she offers at the fair. Also, I wasn't sure if I can make it to the PICC fair which was today. But I did, just to get the OR and signed contract, sadly the staff didn't have it. I was pissed off a bit as I went there just to get those. But she promised to send it to me via courier instead. Let's see. I'm happy though I've already booked Liz. She's also very nice. Looking forward to meet her in person soon. Read about my photo-video suppliers hunt here where I shared my short and full list.

Video: Vidlens Production
Another supplier whom I knew from the beginning that I wanted to be part of our dream team. Their SDEs are so nicely done they're at par with the reputable and expensive videographers in the industry. I met Brian, owner, last Friday to discuss what's there to discuss,  and I booked right there and then. We've started exhanging emails months ago. Brian is so accommodation,  friendly and professional. I know he loves his craft. With so many bookings coming in for them for next year, I'm guessing they will update their rates starting January 2015, meaning increase. :)
Read about my photo-video suppliers hunt here where I shared my short and full list.

As I mentioned,  I attended the PICC fair today just to get the OR and contract from Imagine Nation,  but failed to. As soon as I kmew that, I wanted to get out of the fair immediately. Maybe because I know I don't need anything from there anymore. I'm glad. Wedding fairs are truly exhausting. Thinking twice if we'll attend the upcoming fair in Megamall this month, but that's just to meet Liz, and of course to get the OR & contract!

There you go! Almost all major supplier bookings accomplished before the year ends! Yipee. How's your wedding preps coming along? :)

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