Monday, September 1, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: Hizon's Grand Food Tasting Part 1

We went to our most awaited grand food tasting of Hizon's in Light of Love. My parents went with us because I wanted them to see the place. Our AE in Hizon's, Jorina, registered us for the event, but my name wasn't listed when we got there. It was no problem though, they listed us under walk-ins.

The food tasting was held at Trust, one of the bigger venues in LOL. It's a tent venue. The place was set up nicely with several small square banquet tables for the clients / potential clients for that day. They also had a full set up for the couple's area, presidential tables and the round table for the guests. The set up was their Rustic Garden theme.

Yan said it's a bit too much -looks like Lord of the Rings.

This presidential table set up I like better.

This round table set up looks good to me.

Jorina told us that they will come up with new looks in 2015. The Rustic Garden is one of them.  They will now have thematic set ups, with no extra charge unlike in CVJ, yay! Hopefully the look book will come out on January 2015. I'm excited!

The food was good. I liked a lot of the dishes. Though most of the dishes served were not the ones on the menu package on the package I got from Hizon's and Light of Love, it's good because we got to try more types of dishes. I was looking forward to the Thrice Cooked Pork Belly with Mango Cilantro Salsa, but it's not served. I heard it's one of the best sellers, and it's the (only) pork dish with carving on station.

We love this! 

The dessert and salad bars were for display only, though they served salads and dessert plates on the tables, or upon request.

There were also quesadilla and pasta on-the-spot stations. There were chicken,  beef and mango quesadillas, but I only got to try the meat. For the pasta there were pesto and red sauces. Like an omelette station, you get to pick the ingredients and the cook will cook the quesadilla or pasta for you. There's an additional P80/head for each on-the-spot station. Personally, I'm happy to settle with the pasta bar because the pasta station takes time to cook and the queue might become too long.

My fiancè loving the food samples

Yan found most dishes salty. I think they were good. Far from what we had in CVJ food tasting the week before. My parents also loved most of the dishes. All in all we were satisfied with the food, service and set up. I also got far more freebies!

Looking forward to more food tasting a.k.a. free lunch buffet! The perks of planning a  wedding.  It's so much fun! ♡

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