Monday, August 4, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: Wedding Planning Back on Track!

Holla! Just got back the country from a 2-week business trip abroad and I am so excited to continue with my wedding preps. I'm back on track. There are lots of things to accomplish!

I am sort of pencil booked with Berny Tia HMUA and Events Simplified wedding coordinator.
I've met with Karmie of Events Simplified before I left the country and our meeting went well. I haven't met Berny in person yet, but we've been exchanging emails ever since I sent an inquiry. She is such a delight to deal with! I am meeting both of them this week to finally confirm my booking.

I am also planning to see Pam of Happy Couples Photography this week for a quick chat. She is such a darling as well. And Vidlens Productions too this weekend if schedule allows. All of these suppliers are so easy to talk to and I believe in their talents.

The following weeks of August will be food tastings and church hunting.

I'm too excited. Our dream team is slowly coming together. ♥

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