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Wedding Preps Series: Hair and Make up Artist Booked! - Berny Tia

I've never considered booking an expensive HMUA because I know I can find lots who are as good and who offer reasonable rates. As I've began my hunt for my HMUA, I've seen a lot of artists who offer reasonable enough rates and I've compiled them all, sharing my shortlist here. What I look for? 3 main things (in order of importance): client feedback, rate, portfolio.

I was eyeing Mich Camclang and Mhec Gado. Mich's already known in the industry and her rates are affordable. However, it was a bit difficult to get in touch with her personally for questions. I know she's really busy and it's obvious why. With her packages and reputation, many bride to be's are dying to book her. Though her being hard to reach is a common feedback about her, many have vouched that she can really deliver.

As with Mhec Gado, if Mich was hard to reach, Mhec was so accommodating and replies fast. I am quite ready to drop by at the Blush Beauty Bridal Fair then to have a make up trial with Mhec Gado when I started talking to Ms. Berny.

I've been seeing Berny Tia in Female Network's Girl Talk along with really good feedback. I decided to inquire and she immediately sent me her packages. Her rates and packages were really reasonable and practical. It's cheaper than Mhec's, but a bit higher than Mich's (because Mich would throw in like two more extra heads for the same price for example). Ms. Berny is such a darling. She is so courteous and replies swiftly. She's flexible with her packages and accommodates my requests. She is so patient with all of my questions - I had lots! I'm drawn to that kind of customer service. I feel complacent. And it's important to me when choosing our wedding suppliers that I know I can trust them, talk to them. I pretty much liked Ms. Berny immediately after exchanging few emails.

After spending some time researching more and studying the different packages sent to me, I have decided to book Berny Tia. I was about to leave the country at that time so I scheduled an appointment with her to confirm my booking. Her studio is in Ortigas and we agreed to meet in Greenhills. Unfortunately I had conflict in my schedule as it's 2 days before my flight and I was really busy. I requested for her to pencil-book me until I got back the country. She promised to inform me if there are any inquiries with the same date as mine. She kept her word.

When I got back I immediately texted her to set an appointment. We met in Greenhills. I knew I'd like her more in person. She's so down to earth, simple and very professional. You can tell that she really knows what she's doing and she has so much passion for it. She explained that a bride's make up should be light yet be able to withstand tears, weather, stress and a lot of other things she'll encounter on her big day. That's the reason why bridal makeup is more expensive and it takes longer to do.

This is the package I booked: Bride (Airbrush - re-touch up to bridal march) + Groom + 3 Adults (Traditional). Trial makeup is not included in this package, but she threw it in for free! She also offered that I use it for our pre-nup shoot. So sulit! At first I was quite hesitant not to have her up until the reception for touch-ups, but she assured me her makeup doesn't need a touch-up. I can opt for that, but of course it's a different package already. For now I'll settle with this package. I told her I might upgrade or get add-ons later on.

We talked about what style I prefer and I asked more of my questions. I showed her what look I'm aiming for for our pre-nup shoot. I will also send her pegs for the hair style I wanted for our wedding as these are not saved in my Evernote (will save them now). She told me that her MU style is more of a no-makeup look and it's exactly what want. I just want to glow on my wedding day, not to look like someone I'm not. There are these HMUAs who are popular in forums because they can "transform" the face of the bride. And when I looked at the photos, they transformed them indeed! Not for me. I knew that I have made the right decision to be a Berny Bride and I can't wait for her to make me a glowing, blushing bride. ♥

Berny Tia
Rm 3603, Cityland, Mega Plaza Bldg, ADB Ave. Cor Garnet Rd, Ortigas Center

If you want more options of HMUAs with reasonable rates, check my shortlist here.

PS: After our meeting, Yan and I headed to Las Paellas Cafe in Promenade and it was a happy night indeed.

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  1. hi...ask q lng sa HMU package mo...if bride, groom and 3 adults lang, how about the other entourage? just confuse...

  2. Hi sweetbloody mary, my other entourage will be getting their own HMUA. They're my relatives (secondary sponsors) and best friends (bridesmaids) anyway, and they'll do everything to support me and make my planning experience easier :)

  3. Hi, how much you got her package?


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