Monday, August 25, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: First Grand Food Tasting with CVJ

Yan's most awaited part of our wedding preps: food tasting! Yesterday we went to our very first food tasting at the CVJ Clubhouse in Marikina.

The place was fully set up as if a wedding will take place. There was a lighted buffet table where their best-sellers were served. We were given a menu of the items being served that day. I was so happy to see Yan taking lead for the first time since we started planning our wedding. He was the one really assessing each dish and checking and crossing out items on the menu. It's what it takes to get him to participate - FOOD.

Here's the menu of the food tasting with our remarks:

Were we happy with the food? To be honest, we're not. The food served wasn't fresh nor warm. There were only three dishes I found acceptable, the Pumpkin Soup, Baby Back Ribs and Fresh Ham with Mustard. Yan liked the Sisig Pouch (Empanada) as it's innovative and California Maki because the mangoes were fresh according to him. The other dishes were too common or too cold to be appreciated. I couldn't forget the Baked Chicken in Pesto which was swimming in oil. The Seafood Teppanyaki I couldn't understand the taste and I found cheap with squid balls. Yan found some other dishes acceptable, see remarks in menu above.

Most of the desserts were ok though. We liked their Brazo de Mercedes and Eclair.

CVJ's buffet table

They set up two themes - Modern Classic and Luxe.

Modern Classic is simple and elegant, less color, mostly white, tall crystal chandeliers which I think would match perfectly with Light of Love's Atrium. Yan liked this look.

The Luxe theme set up is full of flowers, with golden vases and candle holders. It reminds me of a palace. It's also nice.

Their other special theme is Rustic which I only saw on photos. It's also nice. Actually it's the table set up I like the most. I love the wooden table numbers and the chic, casual feel. 

Their theme set ups were classy and most especially acceptable enough. Though I wasn't really wow-ed by any of them. But if you ask me if I'm going to have any of them in my wedding, my answer is yes. I'm not really looking for an award-winning set up. As long as it's not corny, too common and over the top, I would consider it. Sometimes less is more indeed. And Atrium doesn't really need too much styling anymore.

However, we were disappointed to know that there's an additional fee for these special themes of a hefty Php 20,000 per 100 guests. It's an upgrade. WTH? You can choose from their standard set ups, which I don't really like, if you don't want to upgrade 

The AE who invited us and talked to us was Jane. She was nice. She also gave us some freebies on top of the package inclusions if ever we decide to book them. However, it seems like one caterer off our list. Next week we're set to go to another GFT by Hizon's in Light of Love. We're coming with my parents as they want to see the place. I'm excited! ♡

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