Sunday, July 6, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: Party Venue Booked!

After one more week of thinking it over, considering other options, researching, reading forums and blogs, we went back to Light of Love to finally book the place for our big day.

As mentioned in my previous post, when we had our first ocular last week there was a wedding reception going on (exact time as we'll be having ours) that's why we weren't able to roam around the room.

When we came back yesterday we had the whole place to ourselves, and I loved it even more. We can envision our after-wedding party happening here. It's perfect for us, for what we wanted.

Here it is!

I'm in love with the glass ceiling and huge chandelier.
Our wedding party will be under the stars. ♡

Entrance / drop off leading to Atrium

My fiancé in Atrium

During the past week, it was Enderun's Atrium (I have this thing about Atriums huh) which I have been mulling over as LOL's top competition. Upon knowing that their Atrium was small for our crowd and we have to transfer to the bigger place to fit our guests, which also means we need to pay for what will cost to get a full package in LOL already for Enderun's venue and food alone, we let Enderun go. I'm half-glad because I get to narrow down our options further, thus less headache. We never actually went to any of our other options because it's either the AE I'm speaking to was too slow to respond or the value for money isn't at par with what LOL can offer (or what I think it can offer).
We all have our preferences and we're just glad we found ours. In my next post I will enumerate all my venue options and my 2 cents about each of them.

I remember when I was still searching for potential wedding reception venues way back (before engagement happened), when I found Light of Love I just stopped looking further. I just kept the package rates sent to me by Steph in my files. And waited till I can go over them again, act on them, for real. :)

I'm thankful for the wedding blogs that I've read and have been reading, the forums I'm following, the co-bride-to-be's who, though name-less and face-less, give helpful advice and encouraging words. This wedding preps series is dedicated to other b2b's who need insights and opinions just like me. Yours is much appreciated too. Keep them coming!

Next bookings: On-the-day (otd) wedding coordinator, hair & makeup artist (hmua), and church come September (does not book 2015 events till then). I will also enumerate my options and why we did and did not choose them.

It's all fun and tiring being a hands-on bride to be. Happy preps! :)

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