Saturday, June 28, 2014

Wedding Preps Series: First visit at Light of Love Events Place

Wedding preps on the way. This is it.

A week after Yan proposed to me (and of course I said yes), we went to visit Light of Love in QC.  There was a time I got really into researching and planning for our future wedding even if we were not yet engaged. And the venue, of course, was my first priority in mind. I have researched so much and read so many feedback from blogs and forums. Compared this and that, weighed the pros and cons. I finally ended up loving Light of Love's Atrium, its glass ceiling, chandelier, intimacy, reasonable rates, and thought 'this is it' - my venue of choice. But those were the days when I was only dreaming. Now it's really happening. I did not think of re-visiting my other venue choice and my mind and heart stuck with LOL.

I immediately contacted the AE I was emailing before to get the updated rates. I was not planning to book the place yet until August after my business trip abroad, but when I found out that almost all weekends of December 2015 were booked already, I panicked.  I can't lose the place!

So that weekend we went to LOL to see the place and book it. There was a wedding reception going on at that time at the Atrium. Perfect. When we came down to the office to discuss and pay the booking fee, Yan hesitated and told me to wait and think about it before cashing out. We ended up not paying, but Steph, our wonderful AE, promised to pencil book us for one week until we have decided. She told us to talk about it thoroughly. I understand Yan's point, we have only seen the place for the first time. He said the actual room looked so different from the photos where the glass ceiling looked so big, I have to agree.  It was the first thing that cam into my mind when we entered the room.  We also have not seen the ceiling because we could not get to the center of the room due to the function going on. So I told him I want to go back when there's no event happening.

With that being said, we will go back next Saturday to finally book it if we have decided.
Looks like we will. My advance thorough venue research will pay off, and will prevail.  :)

Plus, I found a church I really really like which is not that far from LOL. 

PS: We have not announced our engagement yet to the world. This blog entry will be only read by you and a few others anyway. :p

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