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Truly, Deeply Mad for Garlic!

Mad for garlic or not, you will definitely find the unique gastronomical experience Mad for Garlic in Bonifacio Global City offers addicting. Love garlic? This Korean-Italian bistro is a food haven! Mad at garlic? You will still love the dishes that's for sure! It's not just about the super strong flavor of garlic cloves in your food. It's the creativity of complementing garlic with other ingredients to create mouthwatering, unique flavors.

Mad for Garlic is a popular restaurant in Korea brought to the Philippines offering garlic-based Italian dishes with an Asian twist. The branch in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig is the first and only in the country as of now. It does not only serve garlic-based dishes, but also a vast selection of premium wines.

As you enter you will find a restaurant adorned with wine cellars. The ambiance is classy and relaxed. 

We dined on Christmas day and the resto is not packed compared to the queue of the customers in IHOP, situated beside it, which draws a crowd especially on occasions like this.

They have friendly waiting staff who knows the menu well. That's mom and dad in the photo exploring the interesting menu.

Aside from wine bottles, the place is also adorned with, what else, garlic.

Mad for Garlic presents more than 50 kinds of garlic-based menus and a selection of premium wines.

We had Chicken Crunchy Salad (new - not included in the menu below) and Dracula Killer (Php 195) as appetizers, for main course Garlic Snowing Pizza (Php 545), Dancing Salsa Rice with Steak (Php 295), Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Php 395) and Triple Garlic Pasta (Php 595).

Chicken Crunchy Salad (new)
I totally fell in love with this salad. Well, I am generally in love with salads, esp. oil-dressed ones, and this one is an addition to my many favorites! Can't stop eating it.

Dracula Killer (Php 195)
Soft garlic bread served with Garlic cooked in Olive Oil and Anchovies
How I love this one! Be careful of the garlic as you take your first bite as it is hot.

Garlic Snowing Pizza (Php 545)
Mad for Garlic special sauce topped with Shrimp, Pineapple and Fried Sliced Garlic
I am not a pizza fan, but this is really good! I am most especially not a fan of pizzas with pineapple bits, but to my surprise the sweetness of pineapple compliments the flavor of garlic very very well. Bravo to this pizza!

Triple Garlic Pasta (Php 595)
Spicy pasta served with Fresh Mussel, Shrimp, Cuttle Fish, and Garlic Sprout
This pasta is so flavorful and it is also spicy, but you can always tame the spiciness. The waiters will usually ask you if you want to. We had it mild spicy for mom, but she still found it too spicy for her taste due to her zero tolerance to spiciness. As for me, I just loved it.

Grilled Chicken and Mushroom Risotto (Php 395)
Risotto cooked with Spinach and Three Kinds of Mushroom topped with Grilled Chicken
This is my favorite!!! Definitely a winner! The simplicity of its flavors just gets me. Not too strong, not too bland. Just right, just perfect.

Dancing Salsa Rice with Steak (Php 295)
Garlic Rice served with Wine-Marinated Beef, topped with Fresh Bean Sprout and Fried Egg

They serve vanilla-garlic ice cream which we did not order due to mom's discouragement. I will try it next time I visit the place. They also serve good iced teas - blue and black. It's at Php 115 bottomless.

Blue Iced Tea
Sorry for the mis-focus :p
Black Iced Tea
Dad, in the background, is literally mad for garlic. :D

We were generally happy and satisfied with what we ate.
Merry Christmas!

We all know that garlic naturally does not give you the freshest breath. So upon billing out, the waiters will give you candies. ;)  It is also wise to bring mouthwash to rinse away the smell of garlic from your mouth after enjoying the dishes.

There are tables with couches further inside the restaurant which are more comfy and cozy, but only comfortably fit four diners a table. There are more seats on the second level which I did not get the chance to see. Reservations are not really necessary, but if you can it's best to always book for a table to avoid any hassle.

Many might think that the breath the dishes will give you is totally unforgiving and may take days to go away, well it's not that bad.  Once the garlic is cooked well, the bad smell goes away, as well as the unpleasant taste.  The whole chunks of garlic cloves may look scary to eat, but they aren't really. They taste different, in a good way, when cooked well.

If you are on your first date though, you might be hesitant to go here, which I totally understand. Still, it's garlic.

Mad for Garlic is located at W Global Center, 30th Street corner 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.  You can reach it at 8089517. It is the same building where CPK and IHOP are located. As I have said, this place is not as busy as its neighbors, and that makes it more appealing to me. However, that does not mean the food isn't good, because it is!

After leaving the restaurant, you would find a different sense of appreciation towards one of the most common item in the pantry, GARLIC. And the taste will surely linger (and linger and linger) and you will come back for more. I will come back for more. ♥


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