Sunday, September 22, 2013

Heaven on Earth: Heavenly Organic Goodies by Nanay Earth

I was giddy when I received my order package from Nanay Earth. I got The Flowers and The Bees Lotion, Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub and The Perfect Lip Wax balm.

My Nanay Earth haul

My intent was only to look for a cheaper pure fully refined emu oil when I landed at Nanay Earth's Facebook page. Unfortunately, the re-seller I contacted said they did not have a stock of the emu oil. However, I was glad to have found them as I eyed other organic goodies I'd love to get my hands onto.

Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub

This is definitely a favorite. I love scrubbing myself up few times a week so I am always on the look out for affordable body scrubs that moisturizes and exfoliates skin well, preferably organic.

Nanay Earth Strawberry Milkshake Body Scrub 

I was kind of expecting an artificial sweet strawberry scent, but to my surprise this scrub almost smells like real fresh strawberries! It smells seriously good!

What makes this body scrub a winner? It moisturizes very well, it leaves my skin baby soft and smooth after using. It's super packed with exfoliating beads which I really like. Its delicious smell lingers on the skin long after you're done bathing. It also has whitening benefits. And it is organic, no harmful chemicals. Perfect!  It contains emu oil, papaya, arbutin, apricot, walnut and cream. A little scoop goes a long way because it has so much beads in it.

Got it for Php 120 (200 g).  Compared to other organic body scrubs, this is significantly cheaper.
I hope this will be available in bigger tubs.

The Flowers and The Bees Premium Lotion
Nanay Earth The Flowers and The Bees Lotion

It comes in a 260 ml bottle of vanilla scented with a subtle hint of citrus lotion.  It promises to lighten scars, stretch marks and other skin blemishes. This lotion has a runny consistency which I like because it's not difficult to apply and is absorbed by the skin quickly. It has an immediate softening effect on the skin without the greasy after-feel.  

I am used to light to zero scented lotions because I easily get annoyed by strong scents. But with this one, I am still loving the smell up to this day. 

This premium lotion contains virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, emu oil, rosehip seed and grape seed extracts, jojoba oil, and other skin-nourishing ingredients. It is 100% organic.  

It's available for Php 250 (260 ml).

After using the Strawberry Milkshake body scrub, I go for the Flowers and the Bees Lotion and it is a happy day! Heaven on earth!

The Perfect Lip Wax

This indeed seems to be the perfect lip balm with organic beeswax, cocoa butter, extra virgin coconut oil, emu oil, rosehip oil, olive oil and bay leaf in it. However, it has no SPF which is also important for me. This will more likely take a back seat on summer days when I'm outdoors.

Nanay Earth The Perfect Lip Wax

When I got the lip balm delivered, it's defective, the base won't twist. But Chie, my re-seller, gladly promised to replace it with a new one.  I am still waiting for the replacement to arrive. I will update the post as soon as I have tried it.

It costs Php 100.

Chie, my re-seller, is a delight to deal with. You can contact her at 0917 519 1466.

Nanay Earth's products are more affordable compared to other local organic skincare brands. It's surely worth a try, and you might just fall in love with them as well. ♥

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