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Chef Arnold's Pizza: Good Italian Food Carinderia-Style

One day Dad brought home a plain white box of home-made pizza. Just another budget pizza, I thought. I'm really not a pizza fan now, but this cheap pizza in a plain white box brought my love for pizza back. I never expected what my palate told me the first time I took a bite.

Chef Arnold's New Yorker Pizza
Chef Arnold's Marinara Pizza - my personal favorite!

Chef Arnold's Pizza is a humble pizza place, carinderia style, where patrons patiently queue and wait as their pizza orders are being done. Pizzas here are made upon order to ensure its freshness. From a ball of dough, it will be worked on into a pizza masterpiece right in front of you.

Not only the food is real Italian style, the cooks wear chef hats to match the style this humble pizza place is imbibing.

After having tried two variants of their pizza take-away, New Yorker and Marinara, I really wanted to check out the place and see what's really going on in there. So after a session of boxing on a Sunday, Yan and I went there to satisfy our craving for Chef Arnold's. And who doesn't want to pig out after an intense session of work out, right?

The place was a big kiosk counter with stools. They have put in place few dining tables on the sidewalk right in front of the eatery for customers who wish to enjoy their meals right there.  

In very affordable prices of Php 60 (single), Php 170 (family) and Php 250 (large), Chef Arnold's pizzas are truly for everyone. All boxes come in 8 slices. What makes it even better, they give out bread sticks with garlic or pizza dip to waiting customers for free!

We ordered Chicago Pizza, this is one of the best-sellers according to one of the cooks, and the Spaghetti Bolognese. I was surprised to know upon serving of our orders that the pizza was a stuffed one, not an ordinary topped pizza.  It was such a good good spend for our Php 170 (family size). And the Bolognese was served in a fried pizza dough bowl which was edible too. The pasta was certainly delicious! It was a bit oily, but really delicious!

Chef Arnold's Chicago Pizza

Chef Arnold's Chicago Pizza - stuffed!

Chef Arnold's Spaghetti Bolognese

Free bread sticks while waiting for our delicious pizza and pasta orders!

Yan digging into that bowl of Chef Arnold's Bolognse pasta goodness paired with the Chicago stuffed pizza

The servings were big, they sure filled us up! We were not able to finish both the pizza and pasta so we still had a take-home.

Eating there was kind of inconvenient though. Vehicles passing by, loud karaoke singing during the time we dined (how lucky!), and humid weather do not add up to a good dining ambiance. I don't mind eating in places like this, it's just other factors make eating here extra uncomfy. The food is very good nonetheless, everyone does take them away. Only few diners eat here, we only tried. This pizza place really is meant for take-outs anyways.

Delicious pizza variants are New Yorker, Hawaiian, Vegetarian, Marinara, Pepperoni & Mushroom, Arostito Pollo Conlaglio, Chicago, Margherita, Sausage Delight, Wild Wild Mushroom, Cajun and California. They also have Gyro Sandwich and Spaghetti Bolognese. I cannot wait to try every single one of the dishes I have enumerated!

Chef Arnold's do deliver, but only within the vicinity.

Chef Arnold's Pizza is located at #722 San Rafael cor Sta. Ana St., Plainview Subdivision, Mandaluyong City. Contact numbers are (02) 513 2589 and (02) 748 0086.

I heard they have recently opened their second branch in N. Domingo, San Juan (near Savory Chicken).

Delicious pizzas of Chef Arnold's
It's definitely worth the wait! What makes Chef Arnold's dishes a winner? The taste is unique and it offers quality Italian style food in very affordable prices! No fancy what-nots, just delicious Italian dishes you keep coming back for.

You think I am overrating it? Try it for yourself, and let me know what you think. :)

Come by for a box now and experience the pizza goodness of Chef Arnold's. ♥



  1. .. hey monique may I know the address of Chef Arnold?? It is amazing!! I didn't know that there's a carinderia style pizza. I'm excited to taste it.

  2. Hi Leslie! Chef Arnold's Pizza is located in Plainview Subdivision, Mandaluyong. The complete address can be found on the blog post. It's really good, I love their dishes. If you get the chance to try it I'd be happy to know what you think. :)


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