Saturday, April 6, 2013

Oh My Custaroons!

Have you ever heard of Custaroons?  It's obviously a compound word for custard and macaroons - sounds interesting as it sounds yummy!

Only one store in the country sells this heavenly dessert - The Custaroonery Manila located right inside the compound of St. Pio Chapel. Every year on Holy Thursday we go to St. Pio Chapel for its one of a kind Station of the Cross, where you have to carry a cross literally while doing it, and we never miss the Custaroons.

Custaroonery Manila

A Custaroon is simply made up of a thin layer of chewy and buttery crust of macaroon on top, and a thick layer of creamy, soft custard flan goodness beneath it. It's that simple, and yet so good. It's available in regular and bite size. You can also get it with a twist, the Cheese Custaroon, though I still prefer the original. The classic always prevails.

Original Custaroon's sweet goodness

I heart Custaroons!

Custaroons box of 6

A personal message from the Custaroon's creator, Gigi Gaerlan, pops right up as you open the heavenly  box of Custaroons.

Custaroons Price List:


Regular size:
Box of 4: P 150.00 
Box of 6: P 170.00
Box of 12: P 300.00
Box of 24: P 550.00

Bite size:
Box of 15: P 180.00
Box of 30: P 260.00
Box of 60: P 500.00
Box of 120: P 900.00

Cheese or Assorted:

Regular size:
Box of 4: P 170.00 
Box of 6: P 200.00
Box of 12: P 350.00
Box of 24: P 600.00

Bite size:
Box of 15: P 200.00
Box of 30: P 300.00
Box of 60: P 580.00
Box of 120: P 1000.00

The Custaroonery Manila also offers other mouthwatering desserts.  I also tried Le Petit Square in Cheese.  It's crunchy and flavorful, but a bit too sweet for my taste.

Other goodies offered by The Custaroonery Manila:

Custaroon Poppers
Bite-sized custaroon balls coated with a premium chocolate powder concoction. Comes in 3 variants: Orignal, Coffee and Green Tea

Original - Box of 25: P 250.00 
Coffee - Box of 25: P 350.00 
Green Tea - Box of 25: P 350.00

Le Petit Squares
Chewy, gooey, delectable, bite-sized, buttery cake squares. Comes in Cheese and Butter Rum flavors.

Box of 24 (Cheese, Butter Rum or Assorted):
P 400.00

Gourmet Cookies

Matcha (Green Tea) - with your choice of white or bitter-sweet chocolate
Bag of 12: P 450.00

Sugar-Coated (simply delicious)
Bag of 12: P 350.00 

The Custaroonery Manila is located in:
St. Pio Chapel Compound, 188 E. Rodriguez Jr. Ave, 1110 Quezon City, Philippines

It's right beside the religious items store of St. Pio Chapel. The reason we never miss it was it's on the way to the parking.

St. Pio Chapel is just right next to Eastwood Mall.

Contact Gigi Gaerlan, the creator of these delectable desserts, to place an order. You can have it delivered or pick it up, delivery locations and pick up points are specified on the website.

Custaroons contact details

Don't wait till the next Holy Thursday. Drop by at St. Pio Chapel now to glorify the Creator and get a taste of these glorious Custaroon creations! ♥


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