Monday, March 25, 2013

10 Reasons Why I'm Crazy Over Ton Ton Thai Foot Massage

When Yan and I first tried Ton Ton's Thai foot massage, for only 30 minutes, we were overwhelmed. It was beyond what we expected.

What's so special about Ton Ton's foot massage? Let me enumerate 10 reasons why I am all crazy about it...

1. The lazy boy! It's a champion on its own. Relax and sleep on this super comfy reclining chair while you're being pampered.

2. The therapists are so courteous, professional and well-trained.

3. Your feet will first be soaked in warm water in a foot spa machine. It's like having a, well, foot spa!

4. The therapist places a warm beads pillow around your neck and let you recline your chair to your heart's content. Recline it all the way for all they care.

5. The therapist places a blanket over you as if tucking you in for sleep like a child. Get ready to doze off to dream land!

6. While your feet are soaked in the foot spa machine, you are given a relaxing hand massage.

7. Of course, comes the highlight of this pampering experience, the foot massage from toes to upper thighs. I love the little stick they use to press points. Not to mention, the massage is awesome.

8. I love it when you anticipate it's over quite a few times (esp. if it's your first time), and yet it's still not.

9. The therapist puts powder over your legs and on your feet to absorb the lotion used in the massage and then wipes it off with a towel to make sure you won't leave the spa with sticky and slippery feet - which I really hate. Thumbs up to that.

10. After the superb foot massage, the therapist gives you a quick but equally relaxing back massage to cap off the whole pampering treat. And there goes the heavenly 30 minutes or 1 hour of your day!

We first tried Ton Ton Traditional Thai Massage in Tagaytay 2 years ago for a full body massage.  After that we kept coming back in its Brgy. San Antonio Village branch in Shaw Blvd.  It's our favorite branch.  We tried the branch in Salcedo Village, Makati, but nothing beats the service in Brgy. San Antonio's.  Good job. :)

Before I became addicted to it, I've been hearing that the foot massage is really good, but I thought it would still be better to get a full body pampering, and the cost is just the same.  But when we tried the famous foot massage, we never went full body again in Ton Ton. 

Foot massage only costs Php 150 for 30 minutes, and Php 300 for 1 hour. 

Other massage services offered:

Our favorite Ton Ton Traditional Thai Massage branch is located in:
2nd Level, EMS Bldg., Shaw Blvd. corner Gen. Roxas St., Brgy. San Antonio Village, Pasig, Metro Manila

Don't take my word for it. You should try it yourself!
Will I keep coming back to Ton Ton for a foot massage? You don't have to ask. ♥

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