Monday, March 18, 2013

Learn to Sail with RYA Courses

People look at beach holidays in very different ways; while some love the peace and quiet and make the most of the relaxing location by doing very little that doesn’t involve sunbathing, others like to take the bull by the horns and do something to keep them active during their break away from reality. If you’re a usually active person, why would you want to vegetate for the duration of your sojourn when there are so many activities shouting to be tried?

If you’re a bit of a water baby at heart, you’ll likely be homing in on the activities that can be enjoyed on the ocean. For some, this could be a little windsurfing tuition or kayaking in secluded bays; for others, it could mean signing up for one of the reputable RYA courses to help develop your sailing skills. Whether you’re already accustomed to flotilla holidays and commandeering your own yacht or you’d like to learn the skill from scratch, there’s bound to be an RYA-accredited course to suit you and ensure that when you touch down on UK soil, your confidence will be soaring.

The RYA, short for the Royal Yachting Association, is the big guns – the provider of courses that are internationally recognised as the building blocks of a good sailor. It’s never too late to learn to sail, even with little to no experience – learning the ropes in a beautiful climate is just the icing on the cake.

With plenty of courses to choose from, including those for absolute beginners as well as refresher courses for those who need a recap, there’s something for everyone. Take the plunge and learn to sail in a week with a dedicated course, introducing you to every aspect that you need to know, including navigation and route planning as well as the sailing essentials.

If there’s life in the sea dog yet, prove it by enrolling in one of the RYA courses and enjoy one of the incredible flotilla holidays in a subtropical paradise.

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