Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Mini Cruises: The Perfect Introduction to Life Onboard

If you have never tried a cruise holiday before, you're in for a treat. Where else can you enjoy a luxury lifestyle with top-notch cuisine, a seemingly endless array of onboard activities, first-rate evening entertainment and a whole host of different destinations to wake up to each morning? As holidays go, this really is the crème de la crème.

But for some, the thought of sailing and travelling by sea is a little unfamiliar - and a whole week or more on a cruise ship might seem a touch overwhelming. So to help ease you into life onboard, cruise lines such as P&O offer the perfect introduction - mini cruises - which are a more condensed version of their longer, more traditional cruise itineraries.

Many of these mini cruises are just two nights long, and many don't require flights either - which makes them perfect for non-fliers and where cruise deals are concerned, cuts costs too. Take P&O's pre-Christmas short break for instance. It departs from Southampton on a Thursday afternoon in December, sails overnight and docks in Bruges at 8.00am the next morning. You'll get a full day exploring the gorgeous city of Bruges and taking in its beautiful Christmas market - perfect for any last-minute gifts - or you can just kick back and enjoy some of that famous Belgian beer. Then it's back to the ship ready to depart at 6.00pm. Wine, dine and dance your socks off onboard in the evening, then wake up on Saturday morning back at Southampton, ready to head home.

It's a short sharp burst of a cruise holiday, the perfect taster for anyone who's curious but perhaps a little apprehensive about holidaying onboard.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you'll find plenty of deals on mini cruises online and in the shops through travel agents, as well as direct with the cruise line itself. These short cruises are popular but there aren't very many of them in the cruise calendar - so your best bet is to shop around and be prepared to snap up your preferred itinerary as soon as it becomes available.

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