Sunday, February 10, 2013

Abuhan Tres: Must-try Cebu's Sizzling Pochero

During the first few days of our recent trip to Cebu, we indulged in the delicious and fatty foods Cebu has to offer.  Cebu is indeed a haven of mouth-watering Filipino dishes and it is so difficult to hold back from eating all of them!

Look at that UTAK!

 Abuhan Tres in I.T. Park was one of the restos we visited during the few days of our food trip stint.  The highlight is definitely their Sizzling Pochero.  Pochero in Cebu is popularly known as Bulalo by the Tagalogs.  So this for me is one fine Sizzling Bulalo Steak!

Fish Fillet in Pepper Sauce (Php 185) - A deviation from the Pochero/Bulalo's
overwhelming flavor. This is also very good!

The complete menu of Abuhan Tres:

Not only the selection of dishes is interesting, but the ceiling of the restaurant as well.  I love how this resto embraces the Filipino native taste, in dishes and in decors.  The staff, especially the supervisor, were very friendly and accommodating.

They also serve alcohol.

Abuhan Tres is located inside I.T. Park in Lahug, Cebu City which is right across Waterfront Cebu City Hotel.  You can find the resto beside Yo-Go and Coffee Bean, it stands right across LBC.

Do not miss this home-grown specialty when in Cebu City! Coming back to Cebu next time, I will surely come back to try the other dishes Abuhan Tres has to offer. ♥

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