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Jumping Places: My 2012 Travels

@ Sunway Lagoon, KL, Malaysia
I think 2012 was the year when I visited most places. It was a fun, exciting and an awesome travel year!

For me, places are like people. They live, breathe in their own ways. I meet them, get to know them, I fall in love with them, sometimes despise them, or pity them.  But always I learn something from them.  They give me different perspectives, making mine wider than it ever has been.  I miss them, and then rejoice in the sight of them again.  They also make me miss and love more my own place, where I grew up, where my loved ones live, whenever I am away.  I love places.

I have started the year fresh in the Queen of the South, Cebu!  It was the second APT event held in this laid back city, and I got the chance to explore it, pleasure after business. :)  Here's my blog post on this fun trip, click here.

Basilica de Sto. Nino

Crown Regency, Cebu

Finally, a pure holiday trip! KL-Bali trip was booked one year in advance with the TBs for obvious reasons (seat sale, what else??).  Unfortunately, not all of us were able to come due to some unavoidable circumstances so this became an all-girls escapade! I promise to finish the blog post about this wonderful trip as soon as I can!

Batu Caves, KL

Petronas Twin Towers, KL

From KL, we flew to Bali.  But before that we met Grace at KL airport.  Bali was such a lovely place, I would go back over and over!  It was so laid back, so relaxing, the culture so rich.  Click here to read about our all-girls Bali trip.

Sunset at Kuta Beach, Bali

I went to Goa, India this year twice, May and December.  I've been there thrice already, but still regret not having to see the Taj Mahal. Click here for a peek on our India trips.

Parasailing in Baga Beach, Goa

Baga Beach, Goa

I was then so excited to go back to Macau as I have missed this colorful and exciting gaming hub.  I went to Macau twice in the same month for pre-event meetings and the actual event.  I had so much fun in Macau even while working for the event.  All the people were so professional. 

Man-made Beach at Galaxy Macau

The Mauritius trip for another APT event was indeed fun.  We stayed in a super cool private villa with its own private heated pool, a garden and 3 bed rooms. We also had a "french maid" who prepares our breakfast and cleans our house everyday.  This went on for two weeks.  It was an awesome two weeks. :)  After the event, Rachelle and I grabbed the chance to go to La Plage Private Beach Club, why would we miss the beach in Mauritius??  It's a beach club exclusive to residents and guests of the Evaco holiday properties.  It was so quiet and relaxing.  The host of the beach club told us that we were the first Filipino guests she had.

But still, I must say that nothing matches the beaches in my home country (Calaguas in my mind right now).

La Plage Evaco Private Beach Club

Paradise :)

APT's first event in Cambodia, held in Las Vegas Sun, brought me to this part of the world for the first time.  We did not get the chance to explore Cambodia as going to Angkor Wat would take a lot of time than going to Ho Chi Minh , and our port of departure is in HCM. So it was a more practical decision to just visit HCM at that time for more hours of exploring than travelling.

Vietnam-Cambodia Border

Titan Casino in Cambodia

After the event in the Cambodia-Vietnam border, we made our way to Ho Chi Minh not to go home yet, but to extend for 2 more days to explore this city.  Click here to read the post about the city tour.

Saigon Central Post Office

Riding the cyclo around the city

I ended the year with my second trip to Goa, India on December to hold another APT event there.  I must say, it's one awesome year for travels.  I became so accustomed to airports, planes, hotels and foreign tongues (their speaking, that is).  I must admit, though I am having fun, I get to miss home so bad while I'm away.  Just imagine how eager I was to go home from my last trip to celebrate the holidays in Manila with friends and family.  Well, it makes me appreciate home more, while I get to see a part of the world one travel at a time. I hope that my blog posts in 2012 helped you with some of your travels.  Keep exploring, the world is ours! Happy New Year all! :)

Monique ♥

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