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Beach Love at Portofino Mactan

My Cebu getaway with Yan ended in a beach.  We spent our last two days munching on chips, drinking beer, reading a book, listening to music and just enjoying each other's company by the shore of Portofino Beach Resort in Mactan, Cebu.

Photo by Yan Suñega
We did not book ahead at any resort, so we had last minute look up of possible resorts on the internet the night before the beach day.  I was able to phone Portofino's landline number the next morning, and, again, luckily we got a room!

After our quick trip to Tabuan Market early in the morning, we checked out from the hotel where we're staying at Cebu City and hopped into a cab to take us to Portofino in Mactan.  The cab ride to the resort cost us PhP 400.

Their standard room has one king size and one single bed.  It costs Php 3,500 per night, and includes:
  • Welcome drinks for two
  • Breakfast for two
  • Entrance to swimming pool (where you can only enter once as you have an entrance stub)
The resort was huge with cottages for guests' rooms all around which I found really spacious.  This place was truly relaxing with all the space and the greens surrounding you.

Photo by Yan Suñega

Photo by Yan Suñega

The resort is beach front, with several tents which mostly were occupied by day tourists during our stay.  I guess this is a common situation at the resort because there's no restriction in bringing in food and drinks so many tourists bring pots and baskets of food for the whole family to share.  Had we known, we should have brought food from the city for lunch as the food in the restaurant was quite pricey.

Photo by Yan Suñega

When we arrived, we had lunch at their restaurant called the Beach Point Lounge.  The food here was really good I must say!  Food prices range from PhP 200 to Php 500 per order.

Photo by Yan Suñega
After lunch we headed to the beach and found an unoccupied tent at the far end of the shore with no tables and chairs, which was perfect because we really wanted to sit on the sand and hang out.  After a few minutes we moved out from the tent and closer to the water.

Photo by Yan Suñega
Photo by Yan Suñega

We had dinner at the same restaurant in the evening where we found ourselves as the only dining customers they have.  There was a 3-man acoustic band performing love songs in time for the upcoming Valentine's Day.

Photo by Yan Suñega
Photo by Yan Suñega
We had Sinigang na Baboy and Blue Marlin Teriyaki Steak for dinner which were both very delicious.
We spent around PhP 600 - PhP 700 for each meal in this restaurant.

Photo by Yan Suñega
Photo by Yan Suñega
The next morning we had breakfast at the same spot where we had our lunch the previous day.  Breakfast was superb too!  Breakfast for two is included in the room rate.  We both had Filipino set breakfast.

I love this spot!

We hang out by the beach again, and then had a quick dip in the pool before taking a shower and preparing to leave the resort for the airport.

Photo by Yan Suñega
Generally, I enjoyed our stay in Portofino.  Even if we found the room lacking of amenities like electric kettle,  phone, glasses, and other toiletries, we still managed to request for some of these.  The staff were really friendly and accommodating.  

The downside of our room was it has no phone which made it difficult for us to contact the front desk or housekeeping for any inquiries or needs.  We had to go to the restaurant, which was not that near from our room, to call for the front desk.  However, not all rooms do not have phones, only those at the far back side of the resort.

Check in time is 2PM, and check out time is 12PM.  We managed to extend ours up to 1PM.

You can reach Portofino through this mobile number: 0922 822 0672.
Portofino Beach Resort is located at Bo. Angasil, Mactan Island, Cebu, Philippines. 

We just asked the front desk to call for a cab to take us to Mactan International Airport.  It cost us PhP 250.

Photo by Yan Suñega

And that ended our Cebu getaway.
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Till the next beach escapade! ♥

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  1. Looks like a wonderful destination in the Philippines! Thanks for sharing your photos!

  2. pls share if you have any idea how much is daytour in portofino resort plus its inclusion. tia!


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