Sunday, February 26, 2012

Barbecue Haven in Cebu: The Original AA BBQ

When you're in Cebu City, it's a no-no to miss this haven for barbecue lovers, the original AA BBQ.  So for our first dinner during our Cebu vacay, we walked the city the streets and followed the holy smoke.

That evening, Yan and I went out to look for the well-known barbecue hub and believe it or not, we literally followed the smoke of the barbecue, as how the three kings followed the star to reach Baby Jesus, to get to the restaurant. Now that sounds silly.  We thought we're on the wrong track and were prepared to have dinner somewhere else until we smelled and saw that smoke.

The restaurant was jam-packed, but luckily we found seats in no time (This is me believing that this is truly my year and I am just so lucky in everything I do).

AA BBQ is truly a haven for barbecue lovers!  It is like the seafood-paluto type of restaurants we have in Manila, but this one offers everything barbecued or grilled, from different kinds of meat to the usual grilled organs (isawbetamaxbalunbalunan, etc.) we see in street corners to seafoods to the kids' and kids at heart's favorite, hotdogs. 

For first time eaters, here's how you do it: 
  1. Grab a tray, line up, and pick all the food you want cooked.  You will see all the food on sticks raw, yet ready to be grilled.
  2. At the end of the line where the counter is, give the tray with all the food you picked to the staff.
  3. You can also opt to have those food cooked in ways you want other than grilled.  Or have them grilled all the way!
  4. Find a table. You will order the rice, drinks, and other items while seated, so find yourself a waiter who will get your other orders.
Friendly warning: No doubt a carcinogen feast, so go easy with this type of food cooking.

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AA BBQ is located along Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City.  Just took us about 10 minutes from Waterfront. One of the main attractions of Cebu City, so do not miss this. 

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