Sunday, February 26, 2012

Altitude Rush at Sky Experience Adventure in Cebu

Nothing exciting to do on a city tour?  In Cebu City, that could not be true.
The tallest tower in the Philippines, Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, boasts the first in the country Sky Experience Adventure, right at the heart of Cebu City, Philippines.

I have always heard and seen photos of Sky Walk Extreme, and it did not really stir much curiosity or excitement in me. But as we actually walked the "walk", it seemed too real, scary.  It seemed easy, but when you step out of the building and into the narrow ledge where you have to complete the 360-degree walk, you'll discover who's really afraid of heights. (ehem)  Only geared with an overhead safety harness, a guide will lead you around the edge of the 37th floor of the tower, stopping at each corner for a snapshot and to take it all in - the spectacular view, the surreal moment, the adrenaline rush.  

The time of the day when we had our walk was just perfect.  We started out with a bit of day light, and still walking when the darkness of the night completely enveloped the city.  Best of both worlds. (Again, I think this was because I am just lucky this year☺)

Another attraction which will make you heart stop is the Edge Coaster, located at the 38th floor of the tower, was more nerve-wracking for me than the Sky Walk.  This is the first in the world. It's a coaster for two that goes around the edge of the tower to let you enjoy the breathtaking panorama of the entire Cebu landscape.  It has a control lever that lets to tilt the coaster forward up to 55 degrees.  

And to let you experience the thrill of the 55-degree tilt (without your consent!), the coaster will automatically tilt forward, whether you like it or not, in the beginning of the ride.  And then you have the control to tilt it backwards if you're too scared. Like us!

The Edge Coaster goes around the Sky Observatory, a viewing deck where you can marvel at the city view and watch the frightened passengers of the said ride.

There are many packages to choose from. We took the Sky Trio package for PhP 990 which includes:
  • Sky Walk Extreme
  • Edge Coaster
  • 4D Movie Show
  • Buffet dinner at Sparkz Restobar
The 4D Movie Show lasts for 15 minutes, and runs different films with a 15-minute interval.  The theater is small, and just like in the 4D movie attraction of HK Disneyland, expect the sense of touch to work during the film.  But not at par with Disneyland's of course.

Dinner was pretty good too!  It's nice to seat by the glass window of the restaurant for a wonderful view of the city at night.

Buffet dinner at Sparkz Restobar

To see the prices and for more details, you can visit
Sky Experience Adventure is located at Tower 1 of Crown Regency Hotel and Towers, Fuente Towers, Fuente OsmeƱa Blvd., Cebu City, Philippines.  It is open daily from 2PM to 12MN on weekdays, and on weekends from 10AM up to 2AM on Saturdays and up to 12MN on Sundays.

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Thanks to Crown Regency for throwing in a thrilling experience to spice up our city tour. ♥

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