Wednesday, December 28, 2011

A One of a Kind Cholesterol High at Zubuchon

Food expert Anthony Bourdain declared Cebu's lechon as the best roasted pig in the world, topping Bali and Puerto Rico, in his Travel Channel show No Reservations.

So where did Bourdain had his lechon?  In this restaurant in Cebu called Zubuchon.

Just recently, I had this one day trip to Cebu for a series of meetings for an upcoming event at work. Of course, who would want to fly in and out on the same day all work, no play?  I almost forgot that I was in a place where lechon is their pride and glory, and all delicacies are pleasures to one's taste buds.  And little did I know that on that day I was in for a treat!

After a few meetings and ocular visit at the venue at Waterfront Cebu City, Bryan brought us to Zubuchon for lunch, located at One Mango Avenue Building, General Maxilom Avenue, Cebu City.

The lechon dishes on the menu were unbelievable.  That afternoon we had Dinuguang Zubuchon, Sinigang na Zubuchon, Chicharong Bulaklak (oh my), and, of course, the master, the best pig Anthony Bourdain is referring to - Roasted Zubuchon.  

Roasted Zubuchon

Sinigang na Zubuchon

Dinuguang Zubuchon

Chicharong Bulaklak

And this refreshing Kamias Shake is the best match for all the guilt pleasures!

The best thing is you can bring these lechon delicacies back home to share with your friends and family.  They sell frozen lechon dishes which are properly sealed and can also be packed in a box (they charge additional Php 20) perfect for hand-carrying in flights, and for gifts too.  I bought frozen Zubuchon Lechon for Php 450 per kilo and Zubu Flakes for Php 150.  

They also sell Dinuguan, Slow-cooked Adobo, Paksiw na Zubuchon, Sisig, Tamapalen, Pure Leaf Lard, Crispy Pata and some sweets.  All these lechon dishes can be bought frozen.

While munching on these cholesterol-high delicacies, my mind can't help but say sorry and tell my body this is not an ordinary eat out afternoon.  This is special...because it may only happen once a year. Which reminds me, I'll be returning to Cebu two months from now. *cringe*  

As we know, Cebu's lechon is very tasty, from its crispy skin to its meat inside are infused with flavors of the herbs and spices. Nothing comes closer to this. No wonder for the first time I saw Jason Morris enjoyed a Filipino dish. :)

Zubuchon's other branches in Cebu are in Banilad Town Center and Mactan Airport Pre-Departure Area.

Too much of anything is bad. And if it's too much bad cholesterol, then is deadly. To treat ourselves to a one of a kind cholesterol high every once in a (long) while may be fine.  It is one of life's fringe benefits to PIG OUT.  So if you happen to visit Cebu, do not miss the best roasted pig in the world. Happy pigging out every one! ♥

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  1. Lovely post although I've alwayrs wondered about the Zubucho vs CNT rivalry -- My brother swears by CNT.

    Oh well, I'm gonna give both a try come July and judge for myself ;)

  2. the next time i will visit Cebu, i will definitely try these zubuchon delights


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