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How To Look Like A Million Bucks

This is a funny and interesting read from a 6-year old issue copy of Allure magazine.
An interview with fashion designer Michael Kors reveals the following tips on how to look like you've just stepped out of a yacht, even if you don't own one.

Go for natural shades
A woman with money has beautiful skin.  So make sure yours has a little natural shine and stick to makeup in neutral shades like taupe or slate.

In the red
The one exception from the tip above is red lipstick.  Wear this with nothing else for a full Katharine Hepburn moment.  It should look very non-chalant, very throw-away - like you just woke up, washed your face and went out with the red lipstick.

Disregard the weather
This just means wear a strappy sandals on rainy season and a pair of sunglasses on a cloudy day. How's that for a feat?  Kors said that these are the signs of a glamorous life and just shows that you are above the elements.

Subtle polish
A rich girl always has beautifully manicured hands, but doesn't act as if she thinks about them. This means no French manicures or bold colors, pick soft pink or beige tones instead.  Keep the nail length short enough to suggest you go horseback riding.

Fake it
Start every season with a stack of sophisticated black tees. And pair it with cubic zirconia studs  and rings - it will seem as if someone gives you great gifts, you can afford them yourself, or they were in the family.  All works in your favor.

Buy an expensive dress, and wear it often
Brown croc pumps by Yves Saint Laurent
It lets people know that you didn't borrow it.  Classic socialites went out in the same gowns over and over again because they were, in fact, theirs. 

Save up for a brown crocodile pumps
They can be worn with everything, and unlike black, brown croc develops a patina that looks better with time.

Head for broke
Nothing sets you apart like a gorgeous mane of hair.  So I guess it's not so bad to spend on a hair blowout.  It's the crowning glory, anyway.

Eva Mendes on
On pulling hair back
When pulling your hair back use a tortoiseshell comb or barrette - it's the scrunchy of the rich.

I found this read a classic one and will still surely work another 6, or even 10, years from now.  I know not all girls will agree, I, too  disagree with some of the points like disregarding the weather because I just wear flip-flops when it's raining!

Personally, I do not spend so much on clothes, shoes, bags.  Though I make sure that I own a few pieces of good ones.  And if there's one thing worth investing on, it's the SKIN!  I do not mind getting my things at bazaars, Divisoria, sidewalks, it's how you wear it, really.  One rule I try to always keep in mind is to not buy those pieces that I can see being worn by almost every girl I bump into on my way to work, or while in the mall.  You can definitely look like a million bucks even with non-expensive pieces tastefully put together, and worn with utmost confidence.  Above all, it's all about how you look at yourself and how you express the real you.  ♥

*This post is inspired by and most parts taken from an article of Allure Nov 2005 issue.

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