Saturday, July 2, 2011

8065 Bagnet-fest!

BAGNET is a famous local specialty from Ilocos made of deep-fried pork or chicharon.
Us people from the metro need not travel hours up north to taste this guilt pleasure, for many restos within Metro Manila offer bagnet dishes already.  And one of them is 8065 Bagnet, owned by the brother of local artist Kitchie Nadal. First branch was at 8065 Leon Guinto Street, Malate, quite near DLSU Manila.  Though I currently study here, I have never been to this Bagnet branch near our school.  I go to the branch in Makati which is conveniently located a few minutes away from RCBC Plaza, where I work.

A cozy little hole-in-the-wall restaurant in the outskirts of Makati's busy avenues is quite a famous dining and meet up place for friends and colleagues wanting to take time off that skimpy healthy diet, and splurge on a one time (or probably not) big time hardcore porky meal.    

8056 Bagnet offers a variety of bagnet dishes: Bagnet Original, Bagnet Sisig, Bagnet Binagoongan (my personal favorite), Bagnet Spicy Ginataan, Bagnet Curry, Bagnet Dinuguan and Bagnet Kare-kare.  You can either order a platter good for two  (PHP 170-190) or a budget meal that comes with rice (PHP 100-110).  Bagnet Original comes without sauce, with sidings of a few pieces of green mangoes with bagoong.  The rest of the dishes come with sauces, but expect the bagnet pieces to still be crunchy.

Bagnet Original

Bagnet Binagoongan
You can pair those bagnet dishes with Ensaladang Talong (always!), Okra with Bagoong or Tortang Talong (around PHP 30).  You can also turn your plain rice to Bagoong rice by just adding PHP 10.

8065 Bagnet not only satisfies your cravings for this Lechon Macau version of Ilocandia, your eyes can also feast on the artworks displayed within this cozy restaurant.  There's also this interesting book collection displayed that you can scan while waiting for your orders.  Either dine inside the artsy dim-lit cafe, or hang out al fresco.

At the second floor of the restaurant can be found a coffee shop where Kitchie Nadal sometimes performs and holds small jamming sessions.  Here's one of Kitchie's performances in Bagnet Makati.

There's also a room on the second where clothes and accessories are sold.  I got the chance to buy one, I think it's Kitchie's sister who are selling the items because she was the one who gave the prices to us.

8065 Bagnet is a bagnet and art fest in one.  It is located at Estrella St., San Antonio Village, Makati.  From Pasong Tamo cross Buendia and after a few corners you will see Estrella St. on the left side.  As you go straight ahead, you'll pass by a few street intersections, and then you should see the restaurant on the left side. (Look at me now, giving directions! :p) 

Enjoy and do not forget to do a relative amount of fat-burning cardio work out the day after your guilt-pleasure! ♥

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  1. Just a correction, the Makati branch is the first 8065 Bagnet branch. The Leon Guinto branch later.


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