Sunday, February 13, 2011

Pan De Manila's Chocolate Blanco: My New Drink Fixation in a Sachet

The other day, I eagerly visited the newly opened Pan de Manila in RCBC Plaza 3/F.  As I went through the myriad of yummy breads, I noticed this sachet of Chocolate Blanco Spanish-Style White Chocolate.   I found it enticing and grabbed two sachets immediately.  It costs PHP16 per sachet.  I am fond of all things white, and I find white and milky food appealing. 

As soon as I went back to our office, I went straight to our pantry to prepare this white chocolate drink.  It smells really good.  At first I thought it is just ordinary milk, coated with enticing label, because it almost smells like it.  But upon tasting it, my taste buds told me it's familiar.  I thought for a second... and there you go, my all-time favorite Starbucks Vanilla Frappuccino - only melted and hot.  I think it would also taste good when served cold.

I paired it with their Cheese Pesto Pandesal while I faced the monitor and went back to doing my usual office works (and chatting with Jen).  Who says good food needs to be expensive and complicated?

There are also Chocolate de Leche Spanish-Style Chocolate and Cafe de Leche Spanish-Style Coffee for chocolate an coffee lovers available on all Pan de Manila outlets.

This is my new drink fixation.  I’ll definitely buy more (and bring some sachets on my upcoming trip). ♥

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