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Oil Capsule & VCO Conditioner: Hair Care Power Duo

I have always wanted to keep my hair virgin as long as I can.  It has never undergone any treatment more complicated than a hair spa.  But hair spas' effect only lasts on that particular day of your trip to the salon.  I never even thought of having my hair relaxed or rebonded as I am scared it would lose its natural oil and nourishment.  I am afraid my hair would die, so to speak.

So I kept looking for hair products that would make my hair manageable and smoother.  I have a straight hair with thick strands and sometimes I have difficulty managing it when it does not behave so well.

It was like a miracle when I found this duo that will make my hair just how I want it to be. 

One of my mom's trip to Hortaleza Salon in Sta. Ana (now you gotta believe she is really an expert :p) gave me (and her) the answer to our hair problems.  The hairdresser asked her if she wanted to buy this capsule that costs PHP50 each.  The usual sales talk to make you buy this product that will make your hair "beautiful".  My mom was not so interested but bought one anyway just to please the hairdresser.  The instruction to her was mix the oil of the capsule to  virgin coconut oil conditioner.  So she bought a big bottle of the VCO conditioner at HBC which doesn't only smell good and feels soothing on the scalp, but cheap as well.  The big bottle (1,000ml) costs PHP169, while the small one (500ml) costs PHP119.

The first time I used the  mixture, I was really happy with the results.  My hair was smoother, softer, straighter, and smells even better.

You just have to puncture the capsule and squeeze the oil out and mix it with the conditioner.  Do not use one capsule for an entire bottle, that's too much conditioner.  We always transfer the conditioner to a 300g container and then mix the oil.  The oil does smell strong by itself, but when mixed with this light scented conditioner, you won't notice a hint of it anymore.  I asked my mom to find out what brand this capsule is and what it is called exactly.  She said it is IDA, hair care products manufacturer from China, and the capsule is used for Power Dose, though I am not so sure with the latter answer.  I'll find out and will update post.  If there is a Hortaleza Salon in your area you can go ask if they sell these capsules, or try other salons.  I'm pretty sure this can't be bought in retail in regular hair care stores.

You can actually mix the oil to any conditioner.  But why go for the more expensive ones which claim to have all these complicated components to make your hair look good if you will mix with a concentrated oil product anyway?

Hortaleza Professional Virgin Coconut Oil conditioner claims to moisturize, help prevent dandruff and scalp itchiness.  The back label reads: Its moisture-enriched formula gently coats each hair strand making hair soft, smooth and shiny.  This can be bought at any HBC store.  We always buy the big one as, of course, it comes "cheaper by bulk".

When the first mixture that we made ran out, I tried using the conditioner alone and did not get the same results as I did with the oil mix.

Hair care power duo

Now you can have less frequent trips to the salon, more pennies in your pocket and a hair that looks, smells and feels much better.  A little creativity and innovation can really go a long way.

No matter what you put on your hair, it will not truly get the nourishment it needs if you will not nourish it from within.  No vitamins applied from the outside can give nutrients to the hair.  Proper diet, glow foods and a healthy lifestyle will surely give your hair the nourishment it needs. ♥

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  1. Thanks again Nique for sharing this product to me excited na ako :) yipeee!

  2. Thanks for this. But what's the name of the capsule? There's a Hortaleza beauty store in our vicinity, do you think they have that?

  3. I think it's Ida. I don't get to see the packaging because I only buy few pieces at a time, and they only place it in small packets. It costs around PHP50 per capsule last time I checked. Yeah you could try looking for it in a Hortaleza beauty store. Hope this helps. :)

  4. I will look for these! Thanks a lot for sharing.


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